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ICOT in the Egyptian market of Telecommunication Since 1990, supply the innovative technologies and Provide integrated solutions for this market. ICOT experience the Market and know that reliable systems with a well-known brand names and integrated solutions would reach its customers to the perfect satisfaction.

The Market analysis shows that competitive prices, 365days a year of customer support and a highly qualified marketer, a full awareness of the products line would help us to take a good market share that duplicated many times since 1990.
ICOT have the Honor to be known as an exclusive Agent for SANYO Corp. in the Video Surveillance systems providing the latest technology to compress , encode ,transmit the video over internet/Intranet to monitor your other sites from anywhere in the world , and use all the benefits of the network science. Sanyo Also provide a wide range of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) , Storage Area network (SAN), IP Surveillance cameras , Day/Night Cameras, Monitors, Multiplexers, Controlling keyboards,… and all equipments required to build your extra professional Surveillance system.
In addition, ICOT represent Hochiki America Corp. exclusively in the field of fire alarm providing all equipments needed to secure your assets against the fire risk. Hochiki carries the responsibility to produce cutting-edge high tech. systems. so a maximum of 64 Microprocessor based panels of 4 loops could be connected in a true peer to peer network ,using 32,512 detectors, modules plus 32,512 Sounders to cover everywhere inside your firm . Also provides controlling, monitoring mechanisms to take all advantages of Local Networks. All Hochiki products are FM/UL/LPCB Certified and NFPA compliant.
ICOT as a sole agent for FESD systems Provides a disaster prevention methodology to protect Servers from the risk of fire or smoke. FESD provides the intelligent solution for air sampling, analyzing to discover the smoke inside server racks. FESD reports you, and take several actions to control the fire then extinguish using Argon inert gas which safe for people and has no side effects on your equipments, like other extinguishing gases (CO2 A toxic gas and result about 50C temperature drop,FM200 cause acidic vapors that affect the printed circuits ) . FESD is the smartest solution to use in your Disaster prevention Scenario.
Mr. Rady Abdel Aziz the Chairman of ICOT says, “A full understanding for the Egyptian market’s criteria allows you to know the actual needs of the market and reply it, this is essential to succeed”. ”Never think about the market as a competitor but as a partner if you win he wins too”. “Visitors of ICOT Showroom can witness the power of the technologies we deliver” we deliver”