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Addressable Devices

I-300(A) Fault Isolator Module

Fire-Lite's I300(A) Fault Isolator Module is used with the MS-9050UD, MS-9200UDLS, and MS-9600

CMF-300-6 Six Zone Circuit Supervised Control Module

Fire-Lite's CMF-300-6 six-circuit supervised control module provides the MS-9050UD, MS-9200UDLS and MS-9600 with supervised monitoring

CRF-300-6 Six-Relay Control Module

Fire-Lite’s CRF-300-6 six-relay control module provides an intelligent alarm system with six Form-C

MMF-302-6 Six Zone Interface Module

Fire-Lite’s MMF-302-6 six-zone interface module provides an interface between all Fire-Lite addressable panels

MMF-300-10(A) Ten-Input Monitor Module

Fire-Lite's MMF-300-10(A) ten-input monitor module provides an interface between the MS-9050UD, MS-9200UDLS,

CRF Series Addressable Relay Module

Fire-Lite's CRF-300 Relay Module provides two isolated sets of Form-C

CMF Addressable Control Modules

Fire-Lite's CMF-300 Addressable Control Module provides a supervised Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style Z)

MMF-300(A) Series and MDF-300 Addressable Monitor Modules

Four monitor modules are available for Fire-Lite Alarm’s MS-9050UD, MS-9200UDLS

InnovairFlex Addressable Duct Detector

Fire-Lite's InnovairFlex D355PL non-relay photoelectric duct smoke detector features a pivoting housing that fits both square

BEAM355 and BEAM355S

Fire-Lite's BEAM355 and BEAM355S are intelligent, addressable projected beam smoke detectors for protecting

Intelligent Bases

Fire-Lite's B210LPJ(A), B2241BI(A), B224RB(A), B501J B501BH-2, B501BHT-2

H355(A) Series Intelligent Addressable Thermal Detectors

Fire-Lite's H355 Series thermal detectors are addressable sensors that use a state-of-the-art thermistor sensing circuit for fast response

CP355(A) Intelligent Addressable Ionization Smoke Detectors

Fire-Lite's CP355 addressable, low-profile, plug-in ionization detector uses a state-of-the-art ionization sensing chamber to provide open-area protection

SD355(A) / SD355T(A) Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Fire-Lite's SD355 and SD355T addressable, low-profile plug-in photoelectric detectors use a state of the art photoelectric sensing chamber with communications

AD355(A) "Adapt" Multi-Sensor Low-Profile Intelligent Detectors

Fire-Lite's AD355 Adapt detector is an intelligent, addressable, multi-sensing, low-profile detector designed for use with the addressable fire alarm control panels.